Pool Service Lakeland, FL-   Central Florida Pool Service is a family owned and operated swimming pool service that specializes in swimming pool cleaning & pool service in Lakeland, FL since 2002. cropped-logo.png  A swimming pool is a commitment as it requires correct pool cleaning and pool service.  Should the pool cleaning be neglected, major pool problems will result such as pool staining.  Many of our customers find the price of our pool service less expensive in the long run.  Even though your pool water is blue, this does not take the place of a professional pool service in Lakeland, FL.

In addition to providing pool service in Lakeland, we proudly offer pool service in other areas of Polk County as well.  We offer a wide range of pool cleaning and pool service plans and products to choose from so that you and your family can enjoy your beautiful Lakeland backyard investment.  Checking Pool Chemicals as part of pool service in Lakeland, FLCentral Florida Pool Service provides pool service and pool cleaning for hundreds of swimming pools in and around the Lakeland, FL area every week so our pool technicians form the most experienced team available in Lakeland.  Call us today to find out why we provide Lakeland swimming pool service to hundreds of your friends and neighbors!

Pool Service you can trust. 

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Pool Service Lakeland FL
Pool Service Lakeland FL

At Central Florida Pool Service we are a swimming pool cleaning service and pool maintenance company and have different pool service cleaning plans to choose from.  With us you will never have to buy expensive swimming pool chemicals or carry pool water samples all over town.  All we ask is that you enjoy your swimming pool with family and friends and let us do the swimming pool cleaning.  Central Florida Pool Service is your full service pool service and pool cleaning service company for Lakeland, FL and nearby Polk County cities.  In most cases, Central Florida Pool Service can provide same-day pool cleaning service in Lakeland.  At Central Florida Pool Service we specialize in residential swimming pool cleaning service, residential spa cleaning service, commercial swimming pool cleaning service in Lakeland, FL.  Should you not need regular pool cleaning, we offer a weekly chemical service.  With our chemical service, we still show up in your Lakeland backyard every week and maintain the proper pool chemicals, your baskets and filter.  You will find that this pool service feature is less than the price of your cable bill!  Let us be your pool service in Lakeland FL and maintain your backyard investment. Netting Leaves

Who said nothing is free?  Check out our regularly updated pool service blog.  Here we offer tips and advice on everything from pool cleaning to different challenges encountered while providing pool service.  For instance, do you know what the common culprits are for your pool pump not priming?  Read how the leaves dropping from trees can give you a headache if not quickly removed and what you can do to protect your pool equipment during a winter freeze.

Spring Break is right around the corner!  Pool Service Lakeland is probably not on your mind right now, however don’t wait until the last minute for pool cleaning Lakeland.