We are in the middle of the rainy season in Lakeland, FL and many of you have had to drain the swimming pool water following a storm.  Our pool service technicians love it when this is done on occasion.  Did you know that this actually helps you in more ways than one?  In the pool service we have an old saying – “Dilution is the Solution”.  For instance, when you place chlorine tablets in your chlorinator you are introducing cyanuric acid (stabilizer) into the pool. This is needed in part to assist the chlorine from being spent by the suns UV rays.  Like anything, too much of this chemical can cause algae blooms in your pool due to the chlorine not being able to provide the “punch” it needs.  The only way to lower the stabilizer level is through physical water loss (not evaporation).

In addition to stabilizer, other levels such as your total dissolved solids (TDS) will sometimes accumulate over time.  If you begin having difficulty maintaining your pool chlorine reading or keeping your water clear, this should be considered as a culprit.  It can be verified very easily by testing your swimming pool water with a test kit.  Just like stabilizer, the only way to lower this level is through physical water loss.

A professional pool service is much more than pool cleaning.  Part of protecting your backyard investment is being able to recognize and resolve issues like those described above.  Central Florida Pool Service offers pool cleaning and pool service in the Lakeland area. Please call us at 863-853-2317 for a free estimate for pool service today.

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