Chlorine tab floaters for your swimming pool are designed to dispense chlorine throughout the pool.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for them to get caught in shallow areas, such as on your top pool step.  If left unattended, you will start noticing  a yellowish brown staining on your white plaster.  Your top step is the first thing you see when entering the pool!

This staining  is not something you want to see, as this type of chemicals stain is nearly impossible to remove.  Chlorine tablets are extremely corrosive and when they are in close contact with pool plaster the chlorine will damage the pool by etching the surface, also leaving a stain.  What’s the good news?  This is easily preventable!

Tall Chlorine Floater
Tall chlorine floater

The use of a tall floater will reduce the likelihood of getting caught in shallow areas like the top pool step.  Also maintaining your pool water level could potentially avoid this problem, as low water level may be causing the floater to unnecessarily rest in the shallow area.  If you have a pool floater and notice it hanging around the same shallow area, remove it immediately and call Central Florida Pool Service.  Do not assume all stains are the same, as organic pool stains are also common.

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