Just because we live in the Sunshine State doesn’t mean we aren’t susceptible to an occasional winter freeze.  Do precautions need to be taken like our neighbors up north have to do with their swimming pools?  No, thank goodness!  When we do get that significant freeze, homeowners need to know what to do with their swimming pool equipment.  Failure to act could cost you big.

Luckily, our “winterizing” is very easy.  If freezing temperatures are forecast, make sure your pool filter has been cleaned recently.  This will give you that maximum amount of flow while your pool equipment is running.  Next, simply run your equipment while the risk of freezing is most prominent.  This will keep the water moving and lessen the chance of it freezing in your pool equipment.

Water freezing in your pool equipment will likely damage it beyond repair.  Water expands by approximately 9% when it freezes.  When the water is sitting in your filter and expands from freezing, there is nowhere for it to go.  It is not uncommon for the filter tank body to crack.  This will usually require a pool filter replacement.  The same can occur when the water freezes in your pool pump.

If you are unsure how to prep your pool or are out of town for the holidays and can’t get to it, contact Central Florida Pool Service.  This is also the time of year you especially need to monitor your water level.  We will be happy to help.  Happy Holidays from all of us at Central Florida Pool Service!

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