If your pool surface has developed staining and you have confirmed it is not algae, you need to consider having Central Florida Pool Service maintain your backyard investment.  Failure to remedy the situation in a timely manner may cost you thousands more than you would pay for weekly pool service.

The most common type of metal stain that we encounter is metal, specifically copper.  Copper is found naturally in water and is magnified by copper water lines in your house, pool heater coils, copper algaecide, etc.  Over time, the metal content in the water increases to the point that the metals attach to the pool surface and stains are visible.

We have found that many times the copper staining is due to improper pool service.  Prior to hiring us for pool cleaning, residents informed us they would routinely administer copper algaecide in the pool.  This was because they had algae outbreaks on a regular basis. That is when they should have called us to begin with!

More times than none we can properly identify the pool stain that you have and correct what is causing the staining.  Whether we can remove the stain is dependent on many factors such as chemical damage, the age of the pool surface, amount of organic debris, how long the stain has been there, etc.

The wise solution is to have Central Florida Pool Service maintain your backyard investment prior to having irreversible damage due to improper pool service.  Call us today at 863-853-2317!


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