Central Florida Pool Service takes many calls from people that do not currently have a pool service who have big problems with their salt pool.  They keep getting algae and state they don’t have a chlorine reading.  One of the first things to check for is the condition of the salt cell.  In the featured image above is an example of what a cell should NOT look like!

Your pool water is supposed to pass through this cell which turns the salt in the water to hypochlorous acid through a process called electrolysis.  If the cell is not maintained, this will not happen and your pool will not be getting the required sanitizer to keep it algae free.

Maintaining this equipment is part of our pool services, whether it be full cleaning service or chemical service.  When pool equipment is allowed to get in the condition as pictured above, replacement is almost always necessary.  For a lot less money a professional pool service will take the headache out of maintaining your backyard investment!

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