Fall weather is upon us in Florida.  The cooler temperatures and less rainfall makes the outdoors enjoyable.  Unfortunately for many swimming pool owners the lack of rainfall makes for higher pool pump temperatures.

We receive many calls this time of year from people stating their pool pump is not priming.  Upon investigation it is found that their water level is too low due to evaporation.  This will cause the pool pump to overheat, thus causing a slow death to the motor.

An overheated pool pump can cause damage to the motor seals, thus allowing water to leak past the pump into the motor.  The end result is an expensive motor replacement.  Additionally, the heat can ruin the PVC fittings attached to the pump resulting in a water leak and/or air entering the system.

Should your pool plumbing be negatively affected from the heat resulting in pool water leaking, not fixing this will also cost you more in pool chemicals.  When pool water is discharged, you are essentially diluting any chemicals in the pool.  While dilution is sometimes good since the “bad stuff” also goes out with the water loss, you must replace the chemicals that you need.

If your lifestyle doesn’t allow for you to monitor the level, give us a call.  We can install automatic pool fills that attach to your garden hose.  It has a float that, when reaching a pre-set level will activate the water source to fill the pool.  It is a lot cheaper than buying a pool motor!


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