So you’ve been slacking on your pool cleaning and your pool is now a pond?  No worries!  At Central Florida Pool Service, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty.  A lot of our long-term customers pools looked like this when they first made the call to us.Scooping Leaves out of Pool

If you think you don’t have the time to properly clean your pool, you should consider hiring a pool service for regular pool cleaning.  Allowing your pool to go green can sometimes create irreversible damage, such as pool staining.

Our prices vary on pool service, due to many factors, such as debris load.  If your pool is open with no screen enclosure and underneath an oak tree, naturally the price for cleaning wouldn’t be the same as a screened pool with little debris load.

Cleaning Green Pool SurfaceCentral Florida Pool Service offers free estimates on green pool clean outs and regular pool service.  Often times, after realizing the negative effects on the pool surface, our customers elect to allow us to maintain their backyard investment after we cleaned up their swamp!

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  1. The exponential debris gained from pool staining is a detriment to a clear pool. Therefore, I am appreciative to see that your company is adamant to help the community with there pools before anything goes out of hand. Thank you for your time !

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