If you have never had it, consider yourself lucky as it is quite common.  Black algae that has formed in a swimming pool is not impossible to get rid of, however you will think it is. The source of this algae is not exactly known, however legend has it that it originates from the ocean.

Black Algae Close-Up
Close up look at black algae.

This algae initially appears as small dots about the size of a pencil eraser on your pool surface.  The algae will actually penetrate and grab hold of the pool walls.  The exposed part of the algae that is visible is actually a hard outer shell protecting it.  If no action is taken the algae will spread throughout the pool and “become one”.

The best method for treatment is brushing the masonry pool surface with a wire brush multiple times.  This will hopefully poke holes on the outer shell of the algae.  Following the brushing, a very high concentration of calcium hypochlorite must be administered into the swimming pool.  The calcium will soften the outer shell.The pool must be circulated for 24 hours to clear.  The process may have to be repeated for success.

Once black algae has established itself in a swimming pool, the chances of it returning are high.  If you have had black algae and do not have the time to maintain your pool correctly you are encouraged to seek the services of a professional pool service.  Central Florida Pool Service will maintain your backyard investment and has several plans to choose from.


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