This year has been brutal with all of the summer storms.  Many calls for pool service in the Lakeland area have been customers who are cleaning the pool themselves, but run into problems.  Following a rain storm the homeowner would clean the pool to remove the debris that blew in.  While vacuuming the pool, the pump would lose prime.

Usually this indicates a clogged basket or in a worse case scenario, a clogged pool pump impeller.  The impeller is what spins and creates the water flow for your pool.   When excessive debris escapes the basket it will accumulate at the impeller and block the water.  You do not want to continue using your pump during this condition, as an overheat condition will occur.

One of the benefits of a professional pool service is we use equipment to save the life of yours.  A simple overheat condition can cause damage to seals and create leaks to piping.  This will cause another series of problems.  Give us a call, you’ll be glad you did!


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