Central Florida Pool Service has been proudly serving the Lakeland area in Polk County, FL since 2002.  We have always been a family-owned company with “hands-on” operations of the business every day.  Our only specialty is pool cleaning and pool service to our Lakeland, FL customers.  Although we don’t build and remodel pools, our commitment to perfecting our pool cleaning and service operations has paid off by being able to serve our customers in Lakeland, FL for 16 years.

Circa 2002 - Old Central Florida Pool Service Logo
Circa 2002 – Old Central Florida Pool Service Logo

We offer different service plans and products to meet our customers needs, as not one size fits all for pool cleaning and maintenance.  More importantly, our customers are not all the same and have different needs.  Please feel free to contact us so that we may introduce ourselves and invite you to be a part of our family.


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