Pools in Lakeland were minimally impacted by Hurricane Michael.  If you have an open air pool (no screened enclosure), you probably noticed increased debris in the pool from trees, etc..  When a large debris load accumulates in the pool, it is important to be careful not to damage your pool equipment.  Many times, your impeller will become clogged when vacuuming large debris.

An advantage of using a professional pool service is this debris will not be removed using your pool equipment.  Central Florida Pool Service carries special equipment to remove this debris, resulting in not placing your piping and pool equipment at risk.  It is also important not to allow the debris to sit on the pool surface for any length of time.

Organic and metal debris will cause staining on your pool surface very quickly.  If left unattended, this staining can permanently damage the pool surface.  Central Florida Pool Service does offer stain removal services, however most of the time this can be avoided with proper pool service and pool cleaning.

For the price of one service call to remedy these issues, you can hire Central Florida Pool Service to maintain your backyard investment and have peace of mind.

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