This time of year can be miserable for those trying to maintain a crystal clear pool free of pollen.  Pollen transported through the air and falling into your pool directly from trees will quickly make your swimming pool uninviting.

Tree Pollen along Tile Line
Tree Pollen along the Tile Line

Attempts to collect pollen  with your net or get close to it with your pool vacuum have proven ineffective.  After removing the bulk of debris, the use of a pool clarifier will usually finish the job in removing the fine debris slipping through your net.

Pool clarifier is a coagulant.  In simple terms, the clarifier brings the small particles together to form larger particles that can be easier removed from the pool.  Clarifier should not be confused for flocculant.  Flocculant is effective at clarifying the water, however it requires vacuuming to waste.  This could also be an option if you don’t mind having to add to your pool water.

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