Pool owners without a screened enclosure are noticing an ever increasing  mess in the pool with every breath of wind.  It’s no wonder calls for pool service in Lakeland go through the roof, as frustrated pool owners throw down the nets.  Ignoring the leaves for too long will most certainly result in pool surface staining.  This is even before the pollen drops.

Depending on the amount of leaves, this can take a toll on your pool equipment.  The first action that comes to mind is vacuuming the leaves just as you normally would.  After 3 minutes, the homeowner notices the vacuum is no longer sucking the debris.  If your lucky it’s only a clogged vacuum head or hose, typically it’s a clogged pipe or impeller.

Most of our customers find that our pool cleaning services are worth their weight in gold, as they save not only time, but money in pool repairs from improper pool service techniques.  Even in you have a screened enclosure, check out our prices for pool chemical service, as its often less than the price of your internet bill!  Please contact Central Florida Pool Service for a free estimate today!

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