The time of year is upon us when your backyard trees are dropping leaves, acorns, berries, etc.  This drop of organic matter will cause your pool cleaning frequency to go up.  If left unattended, tree leaves will sink to the bottom of the swimming pool and release tannins, sometimes called tannic acid.

For swimming pools not protected by a screen enclosure and in backyards with trees, it is fairly common to see brown stains on the bottom of the pool.  Many times the stain will dissipate on its own within a few weeks if the pool chemicals are kept in check and the leaves are removed.  Alternatively, applying granular chlorine will lighten organic stains.

Many times you will also see the same brown stain on the skimmer basket.  This is an obvious indicator that leaves have been sitting in the skimmer.  Although they are in the skimmer and not on the bottom of the pool, it is important they are removed as well.  Why?  Your skimmer can act like a tea bag and disburse the tannins throughout the pool!

If you are uncertain as to the type of stain you have, do not blindly administer chemicals in hope of getting it right.  Incorrectly treating metal stains and chemical stains can cause further damage.  It is also common to have chemical stains.  Contact Central Florida Pool Service for immediate and professional pool services.


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