Do you pay any attention to the gauge on your filter?  You should.  That little gauge plays a role in the health and safety of your swimming pool.  Understanding this gauge will give you a heads up to problems before they magnify themselves.

Checking Swimming Pool Filter The numbers on a swimming pool filter gauge indicate the force of water flowing through the system in pounds per square inch, or psi.  When you replace your filter media and the system is running normal you should record the number on the gauge.  Generally speaking, if that number rises by 10 psi, the filter should be cleaned.  After the filter media has been cleaned, you will see that the number has decreased.  If it has not, this could indicate an obstruction after the pump.

What if the number on the gauge is lower than your previously recorded number?  When the pressure is lower, this indicates some type of obstruction before the pool pump.  This could be air in the pump, a clogged impeller, skimmer basket is full, low water level, etc..

Part of our cleaning services is filter maintenance.  Contact Central Florida Pool Service today!



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